The field of art and culture has always been one of the most proactive pillars of society. Culture can be a powerful factor of social regeneration, contributing to raising awareness and sensibilizing about important social issues. Through engagement and participatory art practices, it promotes cooperation and contributes to the empowerment of people, who in turn help build engaged and professional communities.

Despite the increasing scarcity of funds in the field of culture, which we have witnessed throughout Europe, and even more intensively on its outskirts, artists in the NGO sector still manage to invent ever new creative ways of integration, (self)organization, fundraising and funding, cooperation.

In the context of the Balkan Express meeting, organized in collaboration with the Flanders Art Institute, we will explore the newly emerging hybrid art structures, innovative approaches to collaboration between artists of different genres, and the current topics of the contemporary art.

Conference programme available here: Programme Flanders – BE Caravan meeting

Admission free.

Organization: Bunker, Ljubljana, International network Balkan Express, Flanders Arts Institute
Programme: Tamara Bračič Vidmar, Dirk De Witt
Supported by: Government of Flanders


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